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Project reports

- December 2009

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Water Station Upgrade (Neros Village)

In 2005 the Foundation successfully completed its first project: supplying Neros village with fresh running spring water via a gravity water piping system. This was completed to the villagers' requirements and within budget, however we identified that an upgrade from the stone based drainage system around the water stations to a concrete base area with low level sides and specific drainage channels was needed. This was to deal with water pooling and poor drainage which creates a breeding ground for malarial mosquitoes. Marcell met with the village elders and, after explaining the reasoning for the suggested upgrade, the villagers welcomed the development.

A team of local workers was pulled together and Marcell surveyed the stations to evaluate the materials needed. These materials were sourced from the local town and within two weeks the water station upgrade was completed with the new drainage system working effectively.

Toilets for schools (Bebot Village)

The Foundation had identified a school in Bebot village whose head teacher is very pro-active. As the school didn't have a water supply, toilets or washing facilities, the children used the surrounding rain forest for relieving themselves. To kick off the project, Marcell met with all the high ranking villagers and school staff to ensure that they were enthusiastic and willing to support the project and its future maintenance. The meeting gave the project a resounding green light.

A team was set up to survey the area to determine the best location for construction and assess the materials needed. At this stage it became apparent that significant work would be needed to pipe water to the site.

For relatively little additional effort and cost, the Foundation was able to also pipe water to Bebot village, which was a very welcome additional benefit of this project. A team of locals was recruited to undertake the building work and the materials sourced from Ruteng, the nearest town, a 5 hour journey from Bebot village. As the materials started arriving on site the excitement of the villagers that their needs were finally being noticed and action being taken, was obvious. The foundations and cess-pit were marked out and dug then the toilet block itself was constructed.

Toilets for schools (Neros Village)

Thanks to a large donation received in November 2007, the Foundation was able to undertake a further project: building toilets for the school in Neros village. The school had a rudimentary toilet consisting of a piece of bamboo cut in half which was part buried in the soil to create a channel for waste to flow down into an open pit. A toilet system incorporating a covered cess-pit, toilet units and permament soil pipes would improve hygiene for users. Construction of a toilet block, similar to that built for Bebot school, was started. Marcell oversaw the start of work on this project and it was completed by local workers using materials supplied by the Foundation.

The Foundation has received warm thanks from the head teacher and teaching staff of Neros school for providing these facilities for the pupils.



Children enjoying th Water
Neros children enjoying the water, Boxing Day 2005
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