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2005 Project - Neros Water

In December 2005 Marcell, Angie and Dylan visited Neros to work on and manage this project with the community. Prior to the project water was collected by the children from a river over 1 km away (assuming the river was running), this was the first job they did when they got up in the morning and when they returned home from school. It didn’t leave much time for study as there is no power and the sun sets at 6pm every day (located on the equator there are no changes to sun rise or set).

Water project

The previous water supply was a river, so not treated, and on its way, used and polluted. Many of the children suffered and sometimes died from water borne diseases. There is a fresh water spring which we purchased and dammed, then piped the water down from the mountain side into the top of the village, where it is now collected in a large holding tank (the villagers have access to this and it is regularly cleaned).

The project was completed and officially handed over to the village on 25th December 2005.

The first action point was to purchase the spring, (without a secure water supply the whole project would have failed), so Marcell with the Village Elders approached the owner of the spring they had identified as the best option. They went through a number of negotiations and ceremonies, before the spring was officially handed over. During this time negotiations were also taking place with the owners of the land that the pipes were going to be flowing through and a ‘one off’ access fee was paid to each and every one of them.

Water project

Once the supply was established, the real hard work could start. Channels were dug to bury the pipes, a few inches below the surface, with markers to identify where they passed. Construction of the holding tank also started, with everything being transported, mixed and applied by hand. (There are no concrete mixers here!).

Once the tank was built the pipes that supplied the village could be started on, the route they would take and where the water stations would be located had already been agreed with the whole village (there are ten stations each serving approximately ten dwellings). So again it was a case of digging the trenches, joining the pipes and fixing the taps… oh it sounds so simple but in the heat and humidity, this is seriously hard work.

Finally in the pouring rain!! On Christmas Day, the taps were open and the water started flowing freely. Since then the villagers have had the satisfaction of a fresh water supply that is constant and plentiful for everyone.

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Children enjoying th Water
Neros children enjoying the water, Boxing Day 2005
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