Local Government confirms support for Medical Clinic Project

Marcell returns to the UK with some fantastic news, after a face to face meeting with the Regent, we can confirm the Government have agreed to partner The Neros Foundation in their most challenging project yet.

During 2012, we aim to build a rural medical clinic to offer primary care services to communities that currently struggle to access basic medical services. Our challenge now is to raise enough money for the build. If you would like to support this project in any way please contact or follow the link if you would like to donate.

Please read our Medical Clinic Project blog.


2007 Project – Toilets for School

During November and December of this 2007, Angie, Marcell and their 3 year old son Dylan travelled to Bebot village in Flores, Indonesia to work on the Neros Foundation’s second project. We were approached by the Head Teacher of the school in Bebot village, who was concerned about hygiene for his children and staff – the school did not have any washing or sanitation facilities. In consultation with the head teacher, the Neros Foundation will built toilets and washing facilities for the school and provided a basic education program for students and parents about the importance of good hygiene in their lives.

Please read the full project report.

2005 Project – Neros Water

Water project

The Neros Foundation’s first project involved suppling clean spring water to the village of Neros, Flores, Indonesia. The project remains a huge success 2 years on. The village now owns the project and takes full responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of a successful gravity flow water system. Please see the 
photos of the water project 
or read the full project report

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